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Channeling combines two of my passions: surprising people with their ability to heal themselves and working with energies from higher dimensions. By transmitting information from higher dimensions by direct voice channeling my clients receive inspiration, get answers to important questions concerning their everyday life and get to know more about themselves.

In my channelings I work with your spirit guides, archangels and ascended masters. I am also specialized in channeling extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings and collectives. In a session I can answer questions about your galactic soul history and energetic connections.



Julian Lotz, voice channel

I offer both one-off channelings, healing sessions and long term coaching programmes. One-off channelings are a perfect opportunity to get to know more about your galactic history, receive personal guidance tailored to your current situation and ask any questions you have regarding relationships, work, spiritual development and more.

In the coaching programmes we focus on your individual mental patterns that prevent you from being happy. With the help of your spirit guides we identify unhealthy patterns that you have been developing both in this life and previous incarnations. We choose a combination of healing techniques that best suit your individual situation. For the coaching programmes a fixed hourly rate is charged that is determined based on the individual nature of the programme. Please contact me for further information.

Sessions are held in Dutch, English or German.


To book a session send an email to channeling.nl@gmail.com or contact me via the contact form in the contact section.

About the sessions

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Channeling session 1,5h

(in practice in The Hague) :


Healing session including

channeling 2h

(in practice in The Hague) :


Channeling session 0,5h

(via Skype) :


E-Mail consult 

(max of 8 questions) :




€ 55




€ 75



€ 35   ($ 40)



€ 15   ($ 20)